List Maker

This module is for creating lists on your cart pages. The lists can be of any type, for instance, you may like to display a stockist list, a store address list or even a size and colour chart. There are many options for the display of your information including adding an email link, adding an image, styling, adding a logo - you can make each list as flexible as you like.

Each list can be applied to an specific page and you can have multiple lists.

1. Setup your list

First go to Extensions > Modules and click on the Stockist List module. This will make a new instance of the module.


Name the list and click the Save and stay button. Enter your list data under the first tab and then click the Save and stay button.


The Text tab is for general text information. This can be left blank if your wish.


The Setting tab contains settings for the display of the list.

Please ensure you have chosen the columns option and have made the status option Active.

You can also add additional CSS styles to style your list in the Style-sheet tab.


When you have finished and saved, you will see a new instance of the module.

2. Adding the list to your page

To add your new list to a page you must complete 2 steps. First create a new layout, and second, add to your information page.


To add a new layout, go to System > Design > Layouts. Create a new layout.


  1. Name your new layout
  2. Add information/information as the Route path
  3. Coos your new list under the Module drop down menu
  4. Choose the Position you would like the list to appear on the information page
  5. Number the Sort Order if required (if you have more than one module in the page)
  6. Click save


You will now see your new layout in the layout list.


Now we need to add the layout to your information page.

Add a new page or choose an existing page. Go to Catalog > Information. Complete all the fields you require and ensure you add the layout.


To add the Layout, go to the design tab and under Template Override choose Custom/dB_stockists and choose Layout Override to choose your new layout. Now your list will be applied to this page.


Depending on your design, add your information page to the appropriate menu.