How do I sort my contact list?

You can easily sort your contacts by the numerous data points that are part of your contact record.

To navigate to your contact records, click “Contacts.”

There are numerous levels at which you can sort your contacts. You can sort, filter, and do advanced searches. 

The default fields shown are: Full Name, Email, Location, Date Added, and Social Networks.

You can choose what you display by clicking the gear icon. You can populate your contact screen with: Lead Scores, Contact Scores, Phone, Organization, Tags, and Custom Fields.

You can do a hierarchical sort on these columns to suit your needs on some columns.

To sort by “Date Added” you'd click the "Date Added" column heading:

Next, let's take a look at how one can utilize the three different filters: by tag, by list, and by status

To filter by tag, click the drop down menu and select the tags you wish to display. The top two filters are filter by “Any Tag” and “No Tags.” Below those, you may select from your tags.

To filter by list, you will follow the same sequence as you did with filtering by tag, but this time, you will be choosing amongst your lists. The top two choices will be “Any Lists” and “No Lists.” From there you will be able to select or deselect from your lists.

The third filter availible is the status of a your contacts. A contact can be Active, Non-Confirmed, Unsubscribed, and Bounced.

The three of these filters can provide you with a great level of insight. All filters can be combined to search as granular and your needs dictate.For instance, you can find your active contacts on a specific list or find contacts with certain tags who are unsubscribed.

To take your sorting a level further, you can utilize the advanced search feature. To learn more about this feature click here