Tracking campaigns with the Google Analytics integration

Our Google Analytics integration makes it easy to insert tracking links into your campaigns so that you can see what visitors do on your website after they clickthrough a campaign you've sent. You can use Google Analytics to track the conversions from your campaign, see the path visitors take through your site, and optimize your website content. It's a useful tool and we recommend using it so that you have a way to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns in addition to open and click through rate. 

How to set up the Google Analytics integration:

Make sure that you have the Google Analytics tracking code installed on your website. For more information on how to set this up, see Google's documentation.

Tracking is enabled on a per campaign basis. On the Summary step of the campaign creation process (the step after Design), you'll see the option to enable Google Analytics:

Click the red toggle to enable it.

You'll be presented with a modal window asking you to specify the Google Analytics Campaign Name:

This is the name that will appear in Google Analytics under the Campaign tab of the Acquisition category of reports:

The Email Campaign Marketer will insert this tracking URL into all links in your campaign so that when a contact clicks a link in your campaign, Google Analytics is informed they were referred by that specific email campaign.

In your Google Analytics reports:

  • the source will be The Email Campaign Marketer
  • the medium will be “email”
  • the campaign will be the name you specified
  • the content will be the subject line of your email

Note that it can take over 24 hours for Google Analytics data to update so if you send a campaign you won't see that data reflected in your reports immediately.

For more detailed information about tracking campaigns with Google Analytics, see Google's documentation on that topic.