Tutorials - How to make a feature panel

In this tutorial, we are going to make Feature panel on a page.

Making a feature panel on your home page or another page

There are 2 steps in this process, you need to make a Featured Panel and make items Featured to automatically add to the Feature Panel. It doesn't matter what order you do this in but we recommend you make at least one item Featured first so you can see how the Featured Panel options display on the live page. To make an existing article item, products or property listings a featured item - click here.

1. Go to the page you want the Featured Panel to appear on and choose the Featured Panel tab

2. Choose from the drop-down menu the page you want your Featured items to come from and click SAVE to make a new Feature Content.


3. The Feature Content edit box will now appear and you can edit the display options for the Feature Content and its featured items. You can add as many pages to load items as Featured as you wish by just repeating Step 2.


4. Click the SHOW button to display the options.

From here you can choose to turn the panel ON or OFF and a number of other options. Make sure you click the SAVE button when finishing and you can then see your changes on the live page. You can also go direct to the page you have chosen by clicking the blue CONTENT button so you can edit the items


PLEASE NOTE: The Feature Columns option displays how the Featured Panel looks on the live page. You can choose to display the items in columns or horizontally. This may require the Custom Column Width option to change.