Tutorials - How to make a featured item - Information & other general templates

In this tutorial, we are going to make an existing article item into a featured item.

Featured items have various options depending on how and where the feature item is displayed

  • Featured items can displayed items from your pages. If you wish to add products or real estate listings, please go to these instructions
  • Featured items can show a Featured, Sold, Under offer banner across the item image if required
  • All will load into the feature panel on your home page - click here for details and options for how to setup the Feature Panel


Go to the 'CONTENT' menu and choose 'PAGES'. Or choose the 'PAGES' icon on the dashboard.


PAGES area

1. Choose your page by clicking edit button

2. Choose your item by clicking edit button


3. Add an image under the Feature Images tab. Once you have loaded and saved the image choose the following options.

  1. Sortorder - make postion 1
  2. Display Page - choose one of the options