How to setup your Store General Settings and Contact Information

One of the first steps after the installation of Cart should be to configure your store general settings and contact information. This includes your store name and store owner contact information as well as any physical address and opening times.

To configure these settings, please refer to the Cart admin dashboard and refer to the Settings menu of your store


Cart  2 Admin Dashboard


From the Store List page click on the edit icon next to you store name on the right. This will redirect you to the Edit Settings section for your store.


Cart  2 General Settings


You can configure the following settings for your store.

Please note: some of these fields will, in some cases, be used in the front end of your website, depending on your template.

  • Your Store Name
  • The store owner name
  • The physical address of your company or physical store
  • Your Store Geo Location
  • Your store contact email address. This is the email address that the cart checkout form and contact form use
  • Your company or store manager phone number


Furthermore, you can change the default Cart image by clicking on the icon and proceed with the edit button. This will give you the ability to upload your own Store image from your local computer or choose an existing image already uploaded to your store for your invoices/orders.


Cart  2 change image


If you would like to enter your store opening times and additional comments you can do so in the last two fields. In the 'Comments' filed you can enter any information for your customers you find important. For example, the accepted payments methods on your store.


When you are ready with your settings, please click on the Save icon at the top right corner of your screen  to apply your changes.


Next, you can configure your Meta Title, Description and Tag Keywords. You can set them via the Store tab on the Settings page for your store.


Cart  2 Store Settings


When you are ready with your settings, please save your settings once again to finalize the process.