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In this article, we'll understand the cart catalog system: Products, Category, Attribute, etc.

Add new category

What category is used for?

Simply, categories is to divide your articles into groups based on specific attribute. For example, you're running a Digital store. There are a large number of digital gadget collections so it's a good practice to sort all the gadgets relevant to its category. It's really important for both customers (they can find the desired gadget by find it out from the category) and shop owner/webmaster (manage products easier).

To create new category, go to: Catalog > Categories then hit the "Add New" button. You can create as many categories as you want, the most important thing is making your site is well structured and easy for user to search for product they want. By default, there are some default categories like cameras, desktops, laptops, MP3 players, etc.

add new category


This feature is used to group designated products. It gives the store owner more control over what products are viewed by their customers in the front office, compared to the traditional Cart search options.

Cart  filter

Product Attributes

Every product has a set of attributes, this is an amazing feature of Cart where you can define attribute groups, in each groups you can add as many product attributes you want easily. For example, a computer system should have some attributes like processor, RAM, hard disk drive, screen size, graphics card, etc.

Cart  product attributes

In product setting panel, you can assign any attribute for the product.


All product manufacturers are managed in the panel, you can add, edit or delete a product manufacturer. The manufacturers can be assigned to any products in the store (in the product editing panel, open the Links tab and you would see the Manufacturer field). Each manufacturer includes: Name, image, keyword and stores to be active.

manufacturer management


Adding Products is a basic feature and essential in the Cart System. It's also sensitive primarily because products are the core of the system so products should have rich keywords, descriptions, and details. In terms of SEO, it’s called content optimization. If you understand search engine optimization, then you likely already understand these things.

Adding a product is a bit of complicated work, because it requires some manipulation of the above features, like filter, attributes, options, and manufacturers. And the content should be good also: title, description, meta data.

add new product

And here is a sample product in front-page.

Cart  product

1. General

This form includes the Product Title, Description, Meta tag title, meta tag description, meta tag keyword and product tags. The Meta tag title and Meta tag description is for SEO purpose, its what the product is displayed in search result page. If your site is multilingual, then you have to add the same content for all the fields.

2. Data

This form includes product basic information: Default product image, model number, ISBN codes, quantity, tax class, price, location, stock, shipping, weight, status, etc.

3. Links

This setting panel includes links to other information such as categories, manufacturers, filters, related products, etc. The links are associated with the product with the help of this tab form.

4. Attributes

This form contains the attributes assigned for the product. A store owner can add multiple attributes to a product.

5. Options

There are some options available in Cart by default and you can define your own Options in the Options form. This form is basically to provide options for a product.

And on visiting the front end, customer will be able to see the options on the product:

6. Profile

This form is useful when store owner wants to sell products on basis or monthly subscription plans for customers.

Note that this is an optional field. You can add multiple profiles for a single product.

7. Discount

This form is used when store owner wants to give a discount on the purchase of specific quantity of product within defined date.

8. Special Discount

This form is used to give special discount for specific customer groups. The owner can provide the amount of product if special discount applies to specific groups.

9. Image

This form contains the secondary images of the product displayed under the product on front-end. You can add as many images as you want.

10. Rewards Points

Some store owner gives special points to their users based on their purchases. The awarded points are also called “loyalty points”. The Product Reward Points can be defined by shop owner from this form.

Product/service Reviews

Customers provide some feedback review of the products, those reviews are managed in this panel. You can also provide a manual review of product from this form.


Cart is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to add custom content. Cart has already provides some content out-of-the-box:

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  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

Cart  information

You can add your own content.